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Raymond High School Students Make a Difference

Teacher and StudentsIf you have been to the  Depot you can't miss  the dilapidated stairs leading to the trains.   Their disrepair has halted any tours through the trains for some time now .   But thanks to  Dean Plender and his sophomore class,  who have been busy constructing new stairs, we can look forward to the trains being  one of the highlights of the historical tour. 

Students working on the depot project today were Matt Hamel, David Emery, Shayne Kitchen, CJ Fitton, Samson Wallerstein, JJ Chamberlain , Steven Sauhier accompanied by their instructor Dean Plender.Students

These Raymond High School students  are very close to finishing, what has been a time-consuming  project .  The students started inthe fall  with a log, slapping itand  milling it to size.  The wood was then sticked and staked and allowed to air dry for 3 to 4 months.  Over the winter the students created  detailed  blueprints of the project . Once spring arrives the wood was brought in and cut to size.  Nailing, painting and  preassembly will be done in the workshop and final assembly will be completed on site at the Depot. 

 When the students were asked how they felt about working on stairs for the Raymond Historical Society , Sophomore Matt Hamel said   "Doing this give  us an opportunity to contribute to our town". 

The Raymond Historical Society and  the community  can be grateful for talented and generous  people like Dean Plender and his students. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)