Raymond Historical Society

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RAYMOND HISTORICAL SOCIETY MEETING                                                                                                                                   

JUNE 1st 2017
Meeting called to order at 6:10 by president Dinane DeBruyckere. In attendance were: Diane DeBruyckere, Marge Desjardin, Diane White, Will Feragosi, Art Wolinski, Steve and Betty Goldthwaite, Sally and Roger Paradis, Peggy Edwards, Dave Hoetzel and Kathy McDonald ( acting secretary).

Following the pledge allegiance,  Sally presented a report to the Board of Directors re: Painting/Repair of Trains ( see attached). A local resident and professional painter, Mark Panageas would like to meet with the RHS to discuss the scraping and painting of the trains with Roger repairing wooden areas. After completing a course Mr. Panageas would be able to tackle this project and would charge $25 per hour.  Discussion went back and forth, a member questioned the expenditure of funds but no money issues were voted on.  Dave H. made a motion (sec by Steve) to meet with the painter ASAP. Sally called him, he has another job now, but can meet with RHS in 2 weeks.  

The 2 new keys have arrived!  One given to Art W. and one to Kathy M.  

Art presented information from Sean Forrestall an Eagle Scout candidate from Troop 101, who would like to take on the painting of the Gile School as his Eagle Scout Project (see attached). This idea was  accepted unanimously and enthusiastically.  

 The subject of where are the By-Laws and are we following them came up and was discussed. A review committee was formed to review the By-Laws on it will be: Betty, Sally, Marge and Diane W. It was decided to have Art post the By Laws on line so members can reply with any changes or comments.

Marge presented the RHS financial report Dated May 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017 (see attached). There was a question as to why the Gile School had a separate share of expenses. The answer was we are all one Historical Society but, Edith Hammond had originally set it up this way. Betty stated there were 2 applications for the scholarship this year. The budget was accepted.

Town Fair will be July 7-8-9th this year set up will be on Friday. WE need more warm bodies and volunteers. The Epilipsy Foundation will take the left overs from Aunt Abigails attic.  Sally wants to go on record stating we should stop Aunt Abigails Attic and look for other ways to raise funds, including guest speakers and focusing on Old Raymond. There was talk as to how to attract new members, and raise funds. Hosting monthly speakers, asking local businesses, grants, antique appraisal day were some ideas.

A motion to adjourn at 8:02 was made by Kathy (sec by Marge) Next meeting July 6th. 

                                     Respectfully Submitted,
                                     Kathleen McDonald (acting secretary)