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May 9, 2019 - Formatted PDF Version

Raymond Historical Society Members’ Meeting
Raymond Depot 6;30 PM
May 9, 2019
Members present: Joyce Wood, David Hoelzel, Marge Desjardins, Kathy McDonald, Will Fregosi, Joyce
Pledge: Chairman Hoelzel called the meeting to order at approximately6:39 PM with the Pledge of
Treasurer’s Report: Marge reported that Art notified her that The Society has raised more than $600 so
far through on line fundraising. Marge also distributed copies of the year end financial report showing
quarterly income and expenses and the calculation of the Gile School share of expenses.
Minutes: The members spent considerable time reviewing and proposing changes to the draft minutes
of April 4, 2019.
Eagle Scout Project to repair and repaint the Gile School. Roger P has done some of the carpentry
repair. Sean Forestall is still planning to go forward with the project; he has acquired some paint. David
referred him to the Society’s contact at Sherwin Williams. Eagle candidates have three years in which to
complete their projects Sean is on his third year for this project; he plans to finish in June. The Society
would like to have the project completed before we host Steve Taylor’s program on one room school
houses. David has asked Roger Paradis to oversee the Gile School project and to be head of
maintenance for the Depot. Roger is reluctant to take on that role. Someone left a hand carved
apothecary sign at the door of the Depot; Roger is working on refurbishing that sign.
We have an estimate of $200 to replace one of the granite posts on Depot road. David questioned
whether those posts had been buried deep enough. David moved, seconded by Joyce to have it fixed
for $200. The motion passed by unanimous assent.
Rafflemania: The Society donated a family membership as a prize to Rafflemania. Kathy McDonald will
follow up with Dana Zulager or Carla Ahern who would know how to find out who the winner is, so that
Marge can send the winner a membership card.
A question was raised as to whether the Society could hire a person to sandblast the caboose as well as
the box car; David will get an estimate to do that.
Abigail’s Attic Sale: David moved, seconded by Joyce to ask Diana D. and Kathy McDonald to organize
that sale. The motion passed by unanimous assent. Hours for items to be dropped off will be June 8th
and 22nd. From 1 PM to 3 PM. David will open the Depot and museum on June 2nd. Kathy McDonald will
cover June 8th Starting with the 1st Saturday in June, the museum will be open to the public and for drop
off of Abigail’s Attic donations from 1 PM to 3 PM. A motion to this effect passed unanimously..
Roof Leak: The area of peeling paint in the archives room ceiling is expanding. Accurate roofing reroofed
the Depot less than 10 years ago; they are not returning the Society’s phone calls. James
Gregoire will investigate the roof. There are only a few perforations through the roof: they are the
signal post, chimney, bathroom vent pipe. It appears that there is no flashing around the signal post.
Minutes: Kathy McDonald moved to approve the minutes of the April 4th meeting as corrected. The
motion passed by unanimous assent.
Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Wood, Secretary

May 22, 2019 - Formatted PDF Version

Raymond Historical Society
Board of Directors Meeting
May 22, 2019
Meeting opened at 4:01 PM with the pledge of Allegiance
Present : President David Hoelzel, Sr , Will Fergosi, Sally Paradis, Marge Desjardins, Art Wolinsky,
Kathleen Hoelzel Absent Bette Goldwaithe, Joyce Wood,
Dates to remember: Collections / Donations for Aunt Abigail’s Attic held on June 8th and June 22nd , 1-3
PM ; Aunt Abigail’s Attic on July 12th, 13th and 14th. Pancake breakfast on August 24th ; September
14th chili cook-off, Car show by the American Legion, possibly Old Home Day.
Minutes of May 9th not yet available.
Mr Hoelzel distributed a memo from Dana Zulager regarding “work at the depot on Friday . A copy is
attached to these minutes
Mr Hoelzel distributed copies of three estimates from Littlewoods for roof , chimney repairs and Gile
School repair and painting. . There has been leakage around the chimney , into the ceiling and possible
condensation. He contacted two other companies who did not submit or respond to his request for bids.
The estimates are listed as numbers 4049, 4050, and 4051 . Motion by Art Wolinsky , seconded by
Marge Desjardins to offer the Option 1 for a total of $750. On bid # 4049 as a temporary fix and observe
the impact before taking further action. Voted unanimously in the affirmative. Copies of the estimates
are attached to these minutes.
Mr. Hoelzel has contacted the boy scout seeking to paint the Gile School as his Eagle Project but has not
received an answer. President Hoelzel will contact Dick Bilodeau to get and estimate on the cost to
replace the rotted clapboards and some trim etc.
Mr Hoelzel informed the board that he told Mr. Frank Case that the “Raymond Drug Store “ sign which
was donated to the Historical Society by the Case family was being repaired by Mr Roger Paradis and the
Society was pleased to receive the donation. Frank, a longtime resident of Raymond , former owner of
the “drug store’ and an active volunteer in Raymond was happy to know that the sign would be
preserved by the Society.
Boston Cane The Boston Post Cane is presented to the oldest resident of the community. The cane is
passed on to the next resident when the other person dies. It is time now to pass along the cane . The
selectmen will be asked to determine the oldest person presently a resident of Raymond so the honor of
the cane be passed on
The next meeting will be held on June 3, 2019
The meeting adjourned at 5:19 PM

June PDF Version

Raymond Historical Society  Meeting
June 7, 2018, 6 PM at Raymond Depot

Minutes:  Two corrections to the 2018 Annual meeting minutes were noted: first the name of the painter is Panageas, not Pangeas, second Wolinsky ends with a “y”, not an “i”.  Sally moved, seconded by Art to approve the minutes of the May 15, 2018 annual meeting.  The motion passed by unanimous consent.

Present: David and Kathy Hoelzel, Will Fregosi, Marge Desjardins, Art Wolinsky, Luke and Diana Debrukyere, Sally Paradis, Joyce Wood, Kathleen McDonald.

David reported that he and Marge met with the bank regarding new requirements applying to non-profit organizations.  The budget and required proclamation are in the Society’s files.  Diana D. and Kathy H. filed the form 1099N form necessary to maintain the Society’s non-profit status.

By laws:  Diana D. suggested that the bylaws be written in a manner that allows the budget committee to perform the annual audit of the Society’s finances,  provide an option to use an outside auditor if needed; David will draft language for the bylaws to this effect, for review and approval of the board at its next meeting.

TREASURER’S report:  Marge reported that the balance of the Gile school savings account is $4,959.32; the checking account is $17,996.58; the brick/train accounts has $3,733.13, which includes $3,000 transferred from the checking account as approved at the annual meeting;  $1,971.92 was transferred from the Gile School account to the Society’s checking account to cover the Gile School portion of expenses.  Marge reported that at this rate the Gile School account will be depleted in two years because it has not done any fundraising in recent years.  Betty G. decided to allow it to deplete.  Art moved, seconded by Will to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion passed by unanimous consent.

Town Fair and Abigail’s Attic Sale:  Kathy M. and Diana D.  will organize the Attic sale.  This will be the last year the Society will hold this sale.  The sale will not be held on Thursday; since the proceeds have not been worth the effort of being open for the extra day.  Kathy M. noted that there will be a five family Estate Sale on June 30 at Bradford copy Center.  Marge will offer food for sale during the Attic Sale., including a Se Sa Ma Ca Sundae.  There was a discussion about the appropriate price for a two hot dog, soda and bag of chips lunch, whether $4 is the right price.  The general consensus was that this price was reasonable, but the ultimate pricing is left for Marge to decide.  A greater effort will be made this year to advertise the food sale.  Art will work up an ad for the food sale.

Caboose restoration:  David reported that two different contractors have come out to measure the windows on the caboose.  The windows will be done before any painting or other work on the caboose.  Art, roger, Sally and David will be soliciting bids for the refurbishment work on the caboose.  It was noted that the roof of the caboose needs to be patched.

Joyce moved, seconded by Will to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:07 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Joyce Wood, Secretary




August NONE


Sepember - Formatted PDF Version

Raymond Historical Society Member’s Meeting
September 5,2019
Raymond Depot 6:30 PM
Members present at the meeting: David and Kathy Hoelzel, Sally and Roger Paradis; Wil Fregosi, Kathy
MacDonald for a half hour, Marge Desjardins, Art Wolinsky, Kim and Brigit Prince, Dana Zulager, Dorise
Alexander from Deerfield , Carol and Wayne Watjus and Joyce Wood.
Call to order by Chairman Hoelzel at 6:40 PM
Pledge of allegiance
Minutes of August: Action on the August minutes was postponed to next meeting.
Treasurer's report-Marge reported that the pancake breakfast made $680.00 plus $220.00 donations.
Art moved, seconded by Will to accept the treasurer’s report: motion passed by unanimous assent.
Caboose update: Envirovantage has been very busy; they hope to complete the caboose project in time
for the Society’s 50th anniversary in 2020.
Gile School update: Eagle Scout candidate Sean Forestall and his dad Jim reported that they have
acquired the paint, primer, and caulk for the project. They estimate that project completion is 1.5 to 2
months away.
Chili Cook-off and bake sale: Will be held on the Common on September 14. Kathy McDonald is
organizing this event; she needs chili competitors and volunteers to make baked goods for the bake sale.
Guest Speaker, former Fire Chief, Kevin Pratt: Mr. Pratt spoke of the history of the Raymond Fire
Department and of the great fire that destroyed many of the Main Street buildings and businesses in the
Boston Post Cane, Kim reported that to her knowledge resident Elsie Porter turned 99 on August 8,
2019. It appears she is the oldest resident at this time. It was consensus of those present that the
ceremony for presentation of the Boston Post Cane would be presented to the recipient with flowers,
pictures and name placed on a plaque to be mounted in the Historical Society. The original cane itself
will remain on display at the Historical Society; previously awarded reproductions have been lost after
the passing of the cane holder. Sally will check on a price for the plaque.
New Business:
Harvest Supper: The Harvest Supper will be held on Saturday evening October 19, 2019 in the
Congregational Church Fellowship Hall; Sally will confirm the availability of the Hall on that date.
Secretary Position is Open: The Society seeks a secretary to record minutes of its meetings which are
typically held on the first Thursday of each month except December, January, and February, (the Society
does not usually meet in winter) there are also occasional meetings of the board of Directors.
Other Business:
Raymond’s First Traffic Signal: New Member and Electrician, Wayne Watjus, has offered to re-wire the
first Raymond traffic signal to working order, he is willing to do this free of charge. David moved,
seconded by Marge to ask him to do that; the motion passed by unanimous assent. Joyce will send
Wayne a copy of a picture showing the light when it was located at the corner of Main and Church
Street in the early 1900s. Wayne will wire it so that it can be switched on and off or to be on a timer or
however the Society chooses to have it operate.
Joe with Joe: Town Manager Joe Ilsley had inquired about holding his weekly Friday meetings with the
public at the Depot. The members were reminded that the Depot’s septic system capacity is very
limited. Marge moved, seconded by Art to grant permission for such meetings to use the Depot possibly
the last Friday of each month. The motion passed by unanimous assent.
Next meeting: Will be held on Thursday, October 3,2019 at 6:320 Pm at the depot.
Adjournment: David moved to adjourn, seconded by Joyce. Whereupon, the meeting was adjourned at
approximately 7:55 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Joyce Wood, Secretary

October 3, 2019 - Formatted PDF Version

Raymond Historical Society Members’ Meeting
Raymond Depot
Thursday, October 3, 2019
Traffic Light: New member Wayne Watjus wired the historical traffic light that
was donated to the Society by Lyman Hammond Sr. The light is the first known
traffic light in Raymond. At approximately 6:30 PM, In advance of the Society’s
regular monthly meeting, members of the Society and members of the public,
including many members of the Hammond family gathered on the lawn near the
light to witness the re-lighting of the signal. About 25 people turned out for the
throwing of the switch. The light flashed through the amber colored lens. Shortly
thereafter, the members and others moved into the Depot for the Society’s
monthly meeting.
Members present: Briget and Kim Prince, Joyce Wood, Kathy and David Hoelzel,
Art Wolinsky, Carol and Wayne Watjus, Linda Hoelzel, Marge Desjardins, Sally and
Roger Paradis, Kathy McDonald, and Betty Goldthwaite.
Chairman David Hoelzel opened the meeting at approximately 6:39 PM with the
Pledge of Allegiance.
History of the light: Buster Hammond among other Hammonds was present.
Buster reported that there were originally two of these lights in Raymond. One
was located at the corner of Main and Church Streets, the other at the corner of
Main and Epping Streets. Buster reported that these lights used to be known as
“dummies”. When no longer needed, his Dad salvaged one before it was thrown
on the scrap heap and donated it to the Society. Wayne researched the company
that manufactured the light. They were originally powered by acetylene gas;
inside the cabinet for the light are the remnants of a bracket for a gas bottle.
Wayne has wired the light so that it is on a timer and the light flashes, although
there is no evidence that the light flashed in its original operation.
Field Trip: Linda Hoelzel announce4d that she is organizing a field trip to the New
England Document Center in Andover Massachusetts. The tour will start at 11
AM and take an hour to an hour and one half. No date has yet been set for the
trip. Parties interested in joining the tour should contact Linda. The plan is to
convoy to the site in private cars.
Boston Post Cane: Elsie Porter appears to be the next eligible cane holder.
Hername has been supplied to the Board of Selectmen. A discussion ensued as to
whether it is the Historical Society or the Selectmen presents the cane. Sally
moved, seconded by Betty, that the Selectmen be asked to present the cane at a
date to be determined, the motion passed by unanimous assent. Sally also noted
that Elsie is the oldest living Raymond alumna.
Caboose update: Scott Knightly of Envirovantage has responded to David’s
inquiries about schedule, David sent a copy of his reply to the caboose
committee. Mr. knightly still hopes \to have the job completed before the snow
flies. Envirovantage is experiencing difficulty hiring help; the project may have to
be deferred to spring of 2020, depending upon the weather. Art reported that he
would like to document the process to include an interview with Mr. Knightly
about his grandmother, a founding member of the Society.
Harvest Supper: the Harvest Supper will be on Saturday. October 19, 2019 at 6
Pm. Sally has confirmed the Congregational Church hall is available on that date
for our supper. Joyce will bring the turkey and gravy, Betty will bring sweet
potatoes, Sally will bring apple crisp; Marge mashed potatoes;, Kim stuffing,
Hoelzels will bring whatever is needed; Briget pumpkin cheesecake; Marge dinner
rolls; Art glazed carrots; Carol, sterno chaffing dishes. Sally will coordinate the
dinner contributions. David has asked Linda and Dana to give a short
presentation at the harvest Supper; Art may present slides or a video.
Gile School Eagle Scout Project. The project is not yet complete. David has
followed up with the Scout Masters. Sally moved, seconded by Art that David
write to the scout, Sean Forestall, suggesting that he may not be awarded his
Eagle if the Society has to complete the project on its own. There is bare wood on
the Gile School that should not be left unprotected through the winter. The letter
should set a time limit for completion. The motion passed by unanimous assent.
Acknowledgements: David suggested that the Society dedicate the ‘line house’(
also called the section house or tool museum) in memory of Steve “Goldthwaite
by installing a plaque to that effect. Betty suggested that could be done at the
Society’s Annual Meeting in May. David also suggested that the Society install a
granite bench and planters in front of the Gile School.
Minutes: Kathy moved, seconded by Briget to accept the minutes of the
September 5th meeting. The motion passed by unanimous assent.
Fundraising report: Marge reported that the chili cook-off raised $255 and the
bake sale $246 (Need to confirm these figures with Marge).
Kitchen curtains: Carol Watjus offered to make curtains to cover the shelving in
the kitchen. She brought a variety of fabric samples. The current curtains are
made of cheap plastic table cloths The members preferred the red and gold
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Wood, Secretary

October 10, 2019 - Formatted PDF Versioin

Raymond Historical Society Board of Directors Meeting
Raymond Depot
10 October, 2019
Present: David and Kathleen Hoelzel, Joyce Wood, Marge Desjardins, Kathy
McDonald, and Art Wolinsky.
Contract for plowing: The Town will no longer plow Private Roads without a
contract. Depot Road is a private road owned by the Historical Society. As
treasurer, Marge will sign the contract on behalf of the Society and make the
required payment. The charge is $110.40 annually; the cost is to be split between
the Society and the Quintal heirs. The contract does not include salt; it does
include price escalation. Kathy Hoelzel moved, seconded by Joyce to authorize
Marge or her successor to sign the contract. the motion passed by unanimous
assent. Marge will sent Art the information that he needs to set up a ‘go fund me’
page. Marge will send him a copy of our IRS letter with our EIN and confirmation
that the Society is a non-profit organization. David moved, seconded by Kathy
McDonald300 to have Marge send this information to Art; the motion passed by
unanimous assent. So far $690 has been raised for the “Save the Trains”
Christmas tree lighting on the Common is scheduled for December 8, 2019. The
Historical Society will offer its usual cookies and hot chocolate at the Depot
following the tree lighting. David will confirm with Sally that she is willing and
available to play carols in the Gile School. When Wayne Watjus rewired the
traffic light, he installed an outlet on that side of the Depot. The Board discussed
whether the Society wanted to put Christmas lights on “Tommy’s tree. Kathy
Hoelzel moved to light the tree during the same hours as the traffic light (5 PM to
midnight. The Society disposed of the old television that was in the museum.
Kathy McDonald will provide a flat screen television to replace that.
Insurance: Marge reported that the insurance premium on the Depot increased
from $3,000 to $3,245. Marge suggested that we get another estimate and ask
Bret Norris to explain the reason for the increase.
Gile School Project: After a period of inactivity, David reported that the Eagle
Scout candidate showed up about 3 weeks ago. He further reported that the
road side of the school looks to be done. The front side is still in rough condition.
Boston Post Cane: The Board of Selectmen will announce the new recipient of
the Boston Post Cane at its meeting on September 211, 2019. Kim Prince is
looking into a plaque for the names of Raymond’s cane holders.
Water bill: Marge reported that the Society does not use any water in the first
quarter of the year; neverthe less, the Town bill the Society $70 for the quarter.
Posting suggestion: Kathy McDonald suggested that the Society post on its web
page: 50 fun facts you did not know about Raymond.
Engine: David reported that Wayne Watjus would like to try to start up the
Society’s train engine, he thought it had been retired because the clutch went. ;
he thought it might still run if the pistons are not seized up.
Harvest Supper: Kathy McDonald asked who was bringing what to the Harvest
Supper. Joyce noted that some of the contributions are listed in last month’s
minutes. Marge signed a contract to use the Congregational Church hall at no
charge. Kathy McDonald volunteered to bring cider. Joyce will bring a roast
turkey as she usually does. Sally will call around to find out who is planning to
bring what for the supper.
Art moved to adjourn, seconded by Joyce; the meeting was adjourned at
approximately 5 PM.
Respectfully Submitted
Joyce Wood, Secretary

November 11, 2019 Formatted PDF Version

Raymond Historical Society Member’s Meeting
7 November 2019
Raymond Depot
Members Present: David and Kathy Hoelzel, Marge Desjardins, Joyce Wood, Art Wolinski, Kathy
McDonald, Deb McNelly, Sally and Roger Paradis, Brigit and Kim Prince, Wayne Watjus, Dana Zulager
President David Hoelzel opened the meeting at approximately 6:36 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Traffic Light Update: The flashing feature has been turned off the light is steady.
Minutes: Art moved, seconded by Brigit to approve the minutes of the October 3rd, 2019 meeting. The
motion passed by unanimous assent.
Christmas Lights: When he re-wired the old traffic light, Wayne also installed an outlet next to the
evergreen on Depot Road , frequently referred to as Tommy’s tree. That outlet if used for Christmas
lights on Tommy’s tree would operate on the same timer, 5 PM to midnight as the traffic light. Kathy M
reported that there are strings of Christmas light in the caboose, (these are the old fashioned large bulb
strands. Kathy H moved, seconded by Marge to light Tommy’s tree using the lights that the Society
already has, the motion passed by unanimous assent. Wayne will examine the lights on the eaves of the
depot to determine their operability.
Harvest supper: David thanked everyone who helped to make the supper a success.
Tree lighting on the Common: Once again, the Historical Society will offer hot chocolate and cookies
following the tree lighting on the common. Marge reported that last year’s lighting took place at 6 PM;
shre will start the hot water for the cocoa in time for tree lighting guests to arrive. She further reported
that this year’s tree lighting is scheduled for December 8, 2019.
Historical Society’s 50th anniversary: In 2020 the Society will celebrate its 50the anniversary. The
Society hopes to have the Gile School painting project completed; David also expressed a desire to
install two plaques: one on the Gile School memorializing Edith Hammond, and one on the Section
House tool museum dedicated to Steve Goldthwaite.
Depot Repairs: Roger Paradis and Dick Bilodoux will work on the door to the Gile School repair it so that
it closes properly. One of the windows in the caboose was out; possibly blown in by the wind. , Wayne
repaired that; the roof was leaking. The artifacts need to be removed and inventoried.
Apothecary Sign: Matt Case, son of Frank Case donated the hand carved mortar and pestle apothecary
sign from Raymond Drug. It Is currently being stored in the Gile School. Sally suggested that it be hung
on the archives room near the apothecary cabinet, Sally made a motion to this effect, seconded by
Kathy H.; the motion passed by unanimous assent.
Boston Post Cane: Kathy H proposed to the Selectmen, that Elsie Porter be the next recipient of the
cane. The BOS approved this recommendation. A ceremonial presentation will b held at Torrent Hall in
the Safety Complex on Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 1 PM. Elsie’s family will supply the
refreshments, The BOS has agreed to pay for a plaque listing the past cane holders. Kathy M. moved,
seconded by Brigit, that the Society expend up to $25 for flowers for Elsie; the motion passed by
unanimous assent. The cane has been presented to past holders with the understanding that it would
be returned when the holder passed away. The Society has had difficulty recovering the replica canes
from previous holder’s families; the original cane is in the Society’s possession. The replicas are missing
and would be expensive to replace. Elsie will be presented with a plaque recognizing her status as the
honorary cane holder. The plaque will be her keepsake and will be customized to her.
Fundraising: David will distribute a list to members of fundraising ideas for member’s consideration. It
was suggested that the Society hold a jail and bail type fundraiser. The Society could use its location on
the rail trail to sell ice cream sundaes. It was decided that Abigail’s Attic fundraiser is too much work
and there are not enough volunteers to do that work.. Marge reported that the Society’s insurance
premium has increased to $3,000; this a huge portion of our annual budget which is typically in the
range of $5,000 to $6,000. She reported that the go fund me page has raised $690 to date, but we have
not yet received those funds. December 3rd is Giving Tuesday; Art will look into this. Joyce suggested
that the Society also investigate participating in NH Gives Day, which usually occurs in early June.
Kitchen: Putting cutains over the kitchen shelves is a nice idea, but is insufficient; those shelves and
drawers need to be cleaned out and unused and underused items be disposed of. Sally moved,
seconded by Art that the Society set aside $1,500 for new kitchen cabinets; the motion passed by
unanimous assent.. Kathy M will donate a refrigerator to replace the old one now in the kitchen; she
will take measurements to see if the one she has will fit in that spot. Sally and Marge will talk to the
cabinet maker on Old Manchester Road to see what he would do about providing new cabinets. Kathy H
will let carol know that her offer of curtains for the shelving is no longer needed.
Event idea: Xemetary walk; re-enactors would play and give the history of the person buried in the
graves; Another idea: re-enact Fulloton’s tour of Raymond; this idea came up for the 250th celebration,
but was not followed through. Several years back Fritz Bell and Will Fregosi printed a walking tour of
Raymond flyer; this could be updated. It was suggested that the Society present an exhibit of materials
on the Bartlett family, some of whose descendants still live in Raymond.
Joyce moved to adjourn, seconded by Brigit. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:56 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Joyce Wood, Secretary

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