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June 7, 2018 - Formatted PDF Version

Raymond Historical Society Meeting
June 7, 2018, 6 PM at Raymond Depot
Minutes: Two corrections to the 2018 Annual meeting minutes were noted: first the name of the
painter is Panageas, not Pangeas, second Wolinsky ends with a “y”, not an “i”. Sally moved, seconded
by Art to approve the minutes of the May 15, 2018 annual meeting. The motion passed by unanimous
Present: David and Kathy Hoelzel, Will Fregosi, Marge Desjardins, Art Wolinsky, Luke and Diana
Debrukyere, Sally Paradis, Joyce Wood, Kathleen McDonald.
David reported that he and Marge met with the bank regarding new requirements applying to nonprofit
organizations. The budget and required proclamation are in the Society’s files. Diana D. and
Kathy H. filed the form 1099N form necessary to maintain the Society’s non-profit status.
By laws: Diana D. suggested that the bylaws be written in a manner that allows the budget committee
to perform the annual audit of the Society’s finances, provide an option to use an outside auditor if
needed; David will draft language for the bylaws to this effect, for review and approval of the board at
its next meeting.
TREASURER’S report: Marge reported that the balance of the Gile school savings account is $4,959.32;
the checking account is $17,996.58; the brick/train accounts has $3,733.13, which includes $3,000
transferred from the checking account as approved at the annual meeting; $1,971.92 was transferred
from the Gile School account to the Society’s checking account to cover the Gile School portion of
expenses. Marge reported that at this rate the Gile School account will be depleted in two years
because it has not done any fundraising in recent years. Betty G. decided to allow it to deplete. Art
moved, seconded by Will to accept the treasurer’s report. The motion passed by unanimous consent.
Town Fair and Abigail’s Attic Sale: Kathy M. and Diana D. will organize the Attic sale. This will be the
last year the Society will hold this sale. The sale will not be held on Thursday; since the proceeds have
not been worth the effort of being open for the extra day. Kathy M. noted that there will be a five
family Estate Sale on June 30 at Bradford copy Center. Marge will offer food for sale during the Attic
Sale., including a Se Sa Ma Ca Sundae. There was a discussion about the appropriate price for a two hot
dog, soda and bag of chips lunch, whether $4 is the right price. The general consensus was that this
price was reasonable, but the ultimate pricing is left for Marge to decide. A greater effort will be made
this year to advertise the food sale. Art will work up an ad for the food sale.
Caboose restoration: David reported that two different contractors have come out to measure the
windows on the caboose. The windows will be done before any painting or other work on the caboose.
Art, roger, Sally and David will be soliciting bids for the refurbishment work on the caboose. It was
noted that the roof of the caboose needs to be patched.
Joyce moved, seconded by Will to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:07 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Joyce Wood, Secretary


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Annual Mtg -

Oct 2015 - Formatted PDF Version

Raymond Historical Society meeting
October 4, 2018
President Hoelzel opened the meeting at approximately 6:34 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Present:  Brigette Prince (great- granddaughter of Bill and Leater Prince), Kathy McDonald, Sally Paradis, Joyce Wood, Art Wolinsky, Sean  Forestall (eagle scout candidate and his dad), Janet  Bouchard, Kathy and David Hoelzel
Minutes of Meeting- June 6, 2018 – Action at next meeting
Minutes of meeting September 6, 2018- The minutes were moved for approval and seconded and approved by unanimous consent.
Eagle Scout presentation- School House Painting : Sean Forestall, troop 101, Eagle Scout candidate, proposes to scrape and repaint the Gile School;  the project includes some repair of wood and work will start in the Spring; he may tap Sherwin Williams for a donation of paint.
Treasurer’s report-   Chili cook off and bake sale – this even raised more than $300; Marge reported that the American Legion provided free advertising for the cook-off.
Caboose update- Art, Sally , David.:  Sally reported that Scott Knightly of Envirovantage  will oversee the project and coordinate the work using vendors with whom he does business to donate the materials and labor;  there is a connection between him and the the Willis  Goddard family. Willis was one of the early  members of the Society. Art Wolinsky will contact Mr. Knightly for an update.
 Keys, Alarm, Telephone, Insurance: David reported that all of the keys to the depot have been accounted for; also he confirmed that both the police and fire department have keys.
 Bylaws- change voted last meeting update the only change was made to page 4. Art will make the change on the Society’s web page.
Archives; The archives committee consists of Diane White, Aimee Hayes, Linda Hoelzel, with help from Janet Bouchard.  This committee has not yet organized.  Dana Zulager will be asked to join that committee.  Anyone else who would like to join that group should call Art or David at 609-618-4433.
subcommittee to address building and maintenance issues:  Kathy McDonald and Marge will report at the next meeting of the Society.
Other Business:
Upcoming Events
Raymond High School Alumni 100th anniversary–October 6th  Historical Society open House 9:00 AM -11:00 APM-  Sally Paradis, has been gathering display materials; Kathy and Bob McDonald and, Briget will help Sally staff the depot for the October 6 open house’ David wil open the shades so that the light comes in and will close them after the open house.
Harvest Dinner- October 20th:  Event will be a pot luck dinner, Joyce Wood will bring the turkey and will invite the Pastor of the Congregational Church of Raymond to and his wife  join us for the Historical Society’s Harvest Supper .
Raymond’s Christmas tree lighting on the Common is Dec. 9th,2018.  Following the tree lighting, at the depot, and Gile School, The Historical Society will host Christmas carols piano sing along, hot chocolate and cookies:, sale of Christmas items that didn’t sell in July.
Adjournment: At approximately 7:32,a motion was made to adjourn.  All in favor of the motion left the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Wood, Secretary


Nov 2015 - Formatted PDF Version

Raymond Historical Society Members Meeting
1 November 2018
Raymond Depot
Present: Kathy and David Hoelzel, Marge Desjardins, Art Wolinsky, Joyce Wood, Bridget Prince, Kathy McDonald, and Sally Paradis.

Chairman Hoelzel opened the meeting at approximately 6:36 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.
The membership then paused for a moment of silence in memory of Steve Goldthwaite.
Minutes of June 7th and October 4th 2018 meetings:  Kathy H moved to approve the minutes of the June 2018 meeting.  Art seconded her motion, which passed with all present in favor.  Art moved to approve the minutes of 10/04/18, seconded by Marge, the minutes passed by unanimous consent.  Art reported that he had updated the Society’s by laws on the Society’s web page to reflect the recently approved amendments.
Christmas Tree Lighting on the Common Dec 9 at 6 PM:  Following the tree lighting on the common, the Historical Society will host Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Depot,  the Society will serve hot chocolate and cookies and offer a carol sing-a-long in the Gile School Mrs. Clause will read  ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas; Mrs. Claus will need a high backed chair; David will follow up with the Masonic Hall to see if the Society could borrow one .  Jonathan Wood will light a fire in the wood stove in the Gile School; Kathy McDonald suggested using battery operated tea lights in the Gile School instead of the oil lamps which can leave sooty residue on the school artifacts.  With help from Briget, Kathy Hoelzel will sort through and remove the unsold Christmas items from the box car to sell during the hot chocolate and cookies following the tree lighting on the common.  Briget will put out a Historical Society newsletter.
Treasurer’s Report:  Marge reported that the Society’s checking account balance  was $22,579.69; the Gile School account balance is $4,959.27. and the brick account $3,907.13.  The chili cook off raised 382.04; the bake sale $532.41.Donation of $70 in memory of Steve Goldthwaite  As the Society does not have a separate account for the tool museum, Kathy HJ. Moved, seconded by Art that donation s received in Steve’s memory be held in the Society’s checking account.  The motion passed by unanimous consent.  Joyce moved, seconded by Kathy H to accept the treasurer’s report. The motion passed by unanimous.
Kathy and Marge will install new bricks.
Adjournment:  Joyce moved, seconded by Art to adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:52 PM.
Sally reported that she had received a letter from the Deerfield Fair Association , thanking the Society for its assistance with the Little Red school house during the fair.
Respectfully Submitted

Joyce Wood, Secretary
Raymond Historical Society
A suggestion was made hat the Society name the tools museum after Steve Goldthwaite, given his interest in and curating of that collection.
Maintenance:  The Depot must be prepped for winter.  The water must be shut off by December 15.  The Society will not meet in December, January or February; the next meeting will be in March 2019.
Kathy and David Hoelzel will come to the Depot around 1 Pm the day of the tree lighting to start heating the water for the hot chocolate.

Dec 2015